"Honestly, yours (aka Dare to Love's) are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my life!!"

Theresa T, Spring Lake NJ


"I have a lot of digestive issues and as a result can’t eat breads. However, I just enjoyed Aka Dare to Love “cinnamon raisin bread” toasted. Besides being absolutely delicious, it DIDN’T bloat me. My stomach felt great and fully satisfied, which is an awesome feeling because I love bread"

Edite W. Bayville, NJ


"I ate the Artisan and Rye Breads and they are absolutely delicious!!! More importantly, I did not have any of the digestive issues I experience when I eat bread. If I lived closer, this would be the bread I would order regularly!

Viji P. Austin, TX


"These [Cherry Almond] scones are out of this world!"

Theresa T, Spring Lake NJ


"Cinnamon Buns Yum!  ...the Cinnamon Dough Buns were DELICIOUS. We loved them and our guest (who loves cinnamon buns) raved about them. They are definitely a winner."

Julie and Annie, Spring Lake, NJ


"Delicious cookies and muffins. I had one of each and had to stop myself from having more. So good…"

Linda D, Spring Lake, NJ


"Wow!  that was super fast service!  I tried the chocolate chocolate chip cookie and my spouse I believe it was the walnut chocolate one.  We both loved the cookies!!!  Hope we don’t devour the whole batch within 1 day!  It’s that good.  Good luck with your endeavors!"

Helen H, Spring Lake, NJ


"Practically inhaled the Apple Muffin! With the hint of nutmeg and sprinkle of sugary crystals it's 'appilicious' heaven on earth."

Lakshmi K, West Windsor, NJ.